Wilmot Stage Stop Acclaim

Below you will find reviews from around the internet detailing visitors feedback and enjoyment of Wilmot Stage Stop’s historical dining experience.


“I enjoy going to this restaurant with my family and my kids really enjoyed going upstairs to look at the artifacts! We all enjoy watching the chef cook the steaks in front of us and the enormous potato that is with the steak. My son can eat two lobster tails they are cooked perfect! I recommend Stage Stop if you are looking for great food and friendly service!”

– Ron P.


“Food is always phenomenal and service is always great!!!! Very friendly staff and love the history of the place!!”

– Katie J.


“Went there for my wife’s birthday, give you a great helping of food. Great price for all you get! Steak and lobster tail wins all around.”

– Richard M.


“I grew up in the Wilmot area but had the opportunity to live in many places over the past 25 years, including Texas. I can honestly say that Paul at the Stage Stop makes the best steak I’ve ever had!! So glad to be back where I grew up, so I can enjoy the Stage Stop again!! YUM.”

– Donna C.

“Nothing like moving to new state and finding a place like the Wilmot Stage Stop. I just love this place and look forward to any excuse to dine there. My steaks are always cooked the way I like them. I’m also amazed that the seafood taste fresh and I’m from the east coast. I will stop or meet up with friends from time to time for drink as well. They treat you well with the pours. After writing this I’m hungry and may need to take a drive to my favorite place the Wilmot Stage Stop.”

– Mario C.


“I am an elite chef from Chicago so when I tell you this is the BEST steakhouse, supper club in COUNTRY trust me, you will never find a better cooked steak.”

– James Z.


“Best steak place ever! You get it grilled where you can watch them grilling and the potato is the size of your head… did I mention the banana banshee? Yum!!!”

– Brandi P.


“Never had a bad meal or service in 40 years of going. Ambiance and atmosphere are top class. Can be noisey at times, but that happens when people are having a good time. My late wife and I celebrated our anniversary there every year. You can get steak anywhere, but their lobster is unequaled.”

– Randy G.

“The dining experience is unequaled anywhere I have been west of the Mississippi! The chef creates steaks and seafood that can only be called exquisite. No one can compare! Service was great! Big portions and a fantastic overall experience if you have never been, add the stage stop to your bucket list.”

– Jay L.


“I have been going to Stage Stop since my daughter was young. It was our favorite place to celebrate her birthday. Now that she is grown and has moved out of state we have not been there for awhile but she was in town last night with my granddaughter and we had to have dinner there so that Caitlyn could have her first experience with steak and lobster. As always, it was wonderful. We even saw Jill, who made the experience even more wonderful by bringing Caitlyn a kiddy cocktail so she could feel more like a grown-up. This is still and always will be back again and again for family birthdays.”

– Nancy S.


“The Stage Stop is my family’s go-to for any special occasion dinner! EVERYTHING on the menu is amazing and highly recommended… the lobster bisque is absolutely a must!”

– Tiegen C